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Father Jim’s Reflection, December

We’re heading into Advent which is a wonderful time. Advent is the first season of the church year. It begins with the fourth Sunday before Christmas, and it continues to the day before Christmas. It’s a time of preparation for the coming of Jesus, and our Scriptures will reflect that fact. It also anticipates Jesus’ return, a good thing for us to consider these days.

Winter Coats for Kids

With winter right around the corner, it’s time to ensure that the children most in need in our community have warm coats to get them through the season. Every year, All Saints’ launches a winter coat drive at the beginning of October. When you are out shopping over the next few weeks, please pick up a warm children’s size coat or two.

Thomas Cranmer Archbishop of Canterbury, 1556

Thomas Cranmer was the principal figure in the Reformation of the English Church, and his clear, sonorous prose figured prominently in the first Book of Common Prayer of 1549 and for its first revision in 1552; much of it remains in the Book we Episcopalians still use today.

Father Jim’s Reflection

It is with sorrow that I note the passing of two women close to our church. Sarah Hockman-Pryor, long with her husband, Gary, was a long-time member. Sarah had been largely house-bound in the time I’ve served here, but in visits and phone calls, including time I spent with her in the hospital, I was impressed with her warmth and wisdom. Mina Garman, beloved wife of Jerry, visited frequently, shared her joyous spirit and delicious food on many occasions.

School Supply Drive

It’s that time of year again — back to school! In the spirit of giving, All Saints’ has launched our annual school supply drive for the students in need at Larchmont Elementary. The generosity and love from our congregation is deeply valued and appreciated by those kids and their families who need it most. Please open your wallets and hearts to help us fill up the supply wagon in the Narthex. Supplies will be accepted until the end of August. Lists of supplies needed by grades are below. God bless you all.

National Night Out 2023

Tuesday, August 1, marked another wonderful National Night Out of community fun and fellowship at All Saints’. Many thanks to all those who helped make this evening an enjoyable and successful one.

Aidan, Bishop of Lindisfarne, 651

The Gospel first came to the northern English in 627, when King Edwin of Northumbria was converted by a mission from Canterbury led by Bishop Paulinus, who established his see at York. Edwin’s death in battle in 632 was followed by a severe pagan reaction. A year later, Edwin’s exiled nephew Oswald gained the kingdom, and proceeded at once to restore the Christian mission.

Pastoral Thoughts, August 2023

When I drove into the church parking lot a few Fridays ago, I didn’t expect to see an abandoned car sitting in the handicapped spot near the entrance to the sanctuary. Occasionally we’ll find a car in the lot, usually empty and gone in a day or two. This one was unique. An older silver Corolla, beat up with the hood popped, it was set apart by the two bicycles tied to its roof and the array of blankets, clothes, and an odd collection of undefinable things tied to various parts of the vehicle. The trunk was open, some kind of ancient engine sticking out.